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“Early childhood education is the foundation to successful lifelong learning. We aim to provide your children with an environment rich in diverse, unique opportunities through which they can explore new ideas about themselves, each other, and the world around them.”

-Anya Wingfield, Founder


Our centre is comprised of three classrooms. We have two preschool classrooms and one toddler classroom.
Toddler (15 months to 2.5 years)
Our Toddler program is open to children from walking stage to 2.5 years. This program provides opportunities for young children to develop their skills in movement, dexterity and language through materials, experiences, and an environment that encourage them to push themselves. Each child in this program is given the opportunity to participate in developmentally-appropriate activities that allow them to explore what interests them, how to cooperate with other children, and how to practice self-care
Preschool (2.5 – 5 years)
Our Preschool program is open to children from aged 2.5 to entering JK, however, if children are developmentally ready for the preschool classroom at an earlier age, this can be considered. Our daily activities are loosely structured around the interests of the children, with opportunities to learn and express themselves through visual art, sound and movement, literacy & numeracy games, outdoor free play, learning about nature and gardening in our community gardens. We encourage each child to explore new activities and embrace those that bring them joy, while offering challenges and opportunities to practice self development in order to prepare them for school and life beyond the program. We encourage the children to develop the ability to care for themselves through dressing, washing and eating healthy meals provided on site.

Programs Coming Soon

Outside of our regular business hours, our centre will host various lessons, workshops and classes that allow families, parents, and older children to participate in the Stepping Stone Early Learning Academy community. These programs will be added and developed depending on the interest of the community. 

We will offer many opportunities for participation, and these will be added and adapted as they are developed. Some examples of our extracurricular programs include: 
Art Lessons
Our art program will be accessible to adults and children of all ages. Various classes will be offered in different visual art mediums. Adult classes encourage parents and family members to participate in activities with other families, while allowing a break from their daily lives to benefit themselves and pursue their interests. Teen classes provide a creative outlet for teens to explore concepts that interest them. Children’s classes are provided outside regular programming for those who express an interest in developing their creative skills.
Dance, Movement & Theatrical Exploration
The classes available will include Parent and Tot dance & yoga classes, as well as dance classes for children of all ages, and a dramatic program for children who express an interest in theatre. Each class will have the opportunity to participate in a yearly recital.
African American Kids Dancing
Music Lessons
Music lessons will be open to adults and children of all ages in private or group settings. More information will be provided as the lessons are developed.
Music Class
Gardening Workshops
Our gardening Workshops are available to all ages. These will be held in our community gardens and provide opportunities for families to learn about cultivating their own food.
PA Day Camps & Workshops
Our PA Day programs are available to all school-aged children, and provide an opportunity for parents to keep to their schedules as their children have days off school. Each PA day camp will have a different area of focus for the children based on the time of year. Children will participate in crafts, story-telling, and physical activities.
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