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Our Mission

To guide each child in discovering his or her potential through creative and educational experiences in the natural world, their community, and a vibrant, unique learning environment.

Our Approach

Our program offers a hands-on approach to learning in a variety of environments that embrace the beauty, nature, and culture that is found in Muskoka. Our centres, located in Gravenhurst, ON, are at the heart of a thriving community of arts & natural surroundings. We embrace the culture of our town, our community and the families we care for by offering a wide variety of age-appropriate studies within our programs. 

We encourage each child to discover their talents and interests while providing opportunities for them to grow their independence and develop their abilities in all aspects of learning. Our outdoor classrooms connect children with the natural world in an immersive and interactive environment. Our indoor environments harness the Muskoka charm with natural elements throughout the facility, and different ways of exploring the pedagogical expectations of an early learning centre. 

Two Great Locations

420 Muskoka District Rd 169
Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1R2
Brock Street
180 Brock St. 
Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1X2

Our Healthy Eating Philosophy

We have developed a menu that caters to children’s diverse tastes and preferences by offering common favourites with healthy twists. While we may serve menu items such as macaroni and cheese, our recipes have been developed to include sauces made primarily of vegetables. Even picky eaters will be eating nutrient-rich foods. We also offer fresh, healthy, homemade snacks, giving children the opportunity to understand and respond to their own hunger cues throughout the day. Our menu uses no processed food or sugar, we limit fats and salts, and focus on wholesome ingredients.
Click here to view our sample menu

How We Are Different

- Visual art projects, creative building, and sensory play
- Dance, yoga, and vigorous physical games and free play
- Musical instruments, songs, reading and interactive storytelling
- Gardening and learning to care for animals through
  interactive projects
- Daily forest walks and outdoor exploration, including observation of
  our diverse environments
- Group participation and leadership skills 
- Discovering various cultures and backgrounds of each member of
  our community
- Lessons and workshops outside our regular program hours
- Access to daily videos & blog
- Field trips
- Seasonal showcases for parents and families
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